The quiet one in our family

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

making it up as i go

I am sorry for the lack of quality in these images.  I wanted to introduce a member of our family, this is Kitty, she belongs to my daughter.  She was plucked from the shelf @ Tuesday Morning in 2002. Kitty is both a blessing & a curse.  A blessing because she is able to calm my daughter, a curse because if she was left behind…well, lets just say  I’d rather face a tornado.  I found Kitty on the washing machine this morning.  She needs a bath because she went camping at Saab Lake/Pond.  Kitty has been on every single camp out since the creation of the lake.  I think she went to the last one just to save S. the time of answering the question posed by the Saab Clan as to where she was.  Its always easier to say she was present, then trying to explain why she would…

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